How can your customers buy your products using their loyalty points and how do you accept their orders?

Now that your loyal customers are ready to use their points, guide them with the following steps that we have outlined here so they can start ordering.

When your customers finally have enough points accumulated to purchase your items/service, ask them to:

1.       Click on the Stores tab

2.      Click on the Search icon on top of the page

3.      They can either change their location to where the store is located or just click on Global stores

4.      Type in the name of the store in the Search stores field

5.     Click on the Store

6.      Click on the product that they want to get then click on “Order Product”

7.      Click on the “From Private” button

8.      Type in how many of the items they want on the Quantity field

9.      Click on “Order Product”

10.   It should show them a confirmation page that says “Your Order” with the details of the order and the voucher would show “30 days” that means they have 30 days to redeem before the voucher expires. 

11.     Click on Go to Vouchers list button, make sure they are looking at the vouchers list under Received tab and click the voucher generated for their order.

  1. a. If the customer is at the store: show the QR code to the store manager/owner so they can claim their order.

    b. If they are not able to personally visit the physical store to show you the voucher on their phone and pick up the items themselves, they can also redeem the voucher remotely and you can ship the items using a shipping courier instead. To redeem the voucher remotely, your customer needs to click on the Text Code tab to show the voucher code. They can recite the code to you/the-manager over the phone, or click the 'Copy code' button, and send it by text or email.

    1. The voucher should now show as “Redeemed” on the list

**“Order Product” button will only appear if they have enough loyalty points for the product they want    

Accepting Orders from customers paid by Loyalty points:

  1. a. If the customer is at the store: Scan the QR code shown by the customer in their phone’s MyCurrency app.

    a.1. To do this, you need to click on Vouchers, it should take you to a Vouchers list page.

    a.2. Click on the QR code scanner icon on the upper right corner of the page, just below the Account picture.

    b. If the customer is not able to go to your physical store: The customer would need to send you the Text code or recite it to you over the phone that you then need to type in the Voucher tab.

    b.1. Click on the Text code button then type in the text code to the blank field then click on Submit.

  2. After the QR code had been scanned or the text code had been entered, it should show you a confirmation page that says “Redemption successful!” with the details of the order and the voucher would show “Redeemed”. 

    You can now congratulate your customer on their first redemption, cheers to many more repeat orders!