How do you offer the Loyalty Points that you’ve just received for trade?

After you’ve transferred your newly received loyalty points / currency to your public account, you can offer it up for a trade (see above)

One of our users just asked us how to offer up loyalty points they received from another MyCurrency issuer for trade with other users. These are the instructions we gave them, which we’re sharing now in the hopes that they could be helpful to other MyCurrency users:

First of all, all the loyalty points that you have and will receive, will by default be in your private account, meaning they can’t be seen by other users, or included in any offer.

So the first step will be to transfer the loyalty points from your private account, to your public account.

To do that, please follow the instructions below:

  1. On the My Wallet dashboard, there should be two tabs: ‘My currencies’ and ‘Other currencies’, click on ‘Other currencies’.

  2. You need to click on the Loyalty points you want to transfer to another user.

  3. The points will be in your private account, so click the ‘Private’ tab.

  4. Then click the ‘Transfer to’ link. The transfer form will then open. By default it will already be on the ‘To Public’ tab, and in the amount field, enter the amount of points you want to transfer, and click Transfer.

  5. That will transfer the points to your public account, where they can be seen by other users and used in offers.

Now that it’s in your Public Holdings, you can offer these points for trade by following the steps below:

  1. You have to search for the store that you want points from. You can do so by clicking the Stores tab at the bottom, then clicking the search icon, which will open the search field, then searching either the store’s name, or the product you’re looking for, to bring up a list of stores that match your criteria.

  2. In the stores that appear in the search results, click on the store that you’d like to get loyalty points for, then click the name of the loyalty points / currency that the store is associated with, which will appear right below the Store name.


  • On the Loyalty Point / Currency page, if a ‘Public Holders’ link appears, you can click on it, which will display a list of individuals who own the chosen loyalty points and who have more than 0 units of those loyalty points in their Public Holdings.

  • From that list, you can click on the Make Offer link below each username to make an offer to that user.


  • If a ‘Public Holders’ link doesn’t appear, then your only option would be to make an offer to the user that issues the currency, which you can do by clicking the ‘Make Offer for Currency’ button that appears at the bottom of the page.

4. And type in the amount that you want to request. Then click on Next.

5. Click on the Externally issued tab and choose the Loyalty points you want trade off.

6. Then you can type in the amount of currency you want to trade, then click on Next.

7. You should now see the details of the Offer you just sent. You can click on Ok.

8. The app will take you to the Offers Page where you can see all Sent, Received and Open offers. The Offer you just sent should appear at the top.

Good luck with trading!