MyCurrency and Millennials

In what ways is MyCurrency relevant to Millennials?

First of all, this generation is more tech, and especially mobile, dependent, so the convenience of having the MyCurrency app, a Loyalty Point system that can be installed on their smartphone, and doesn’t require anything else, is a major point of convenience for them.

Statistics are also finding that the Millennial generation is starting businesses at an earlier age than any previous generation. Given that younger people tend to have less capital, being able to employ marketing strategies in their startups that are low-cost is hugely useful to them. This makes MyCurrency especially relevant to them, as it lets them add a sophisticated Loyalty Point program to their business, that facilitates the marketing of their business, at absolutely no cost.

Millennials also use more social media than older generations. MyCurrency allows those of them who own their own business to leverage their social media presence to spread their own personal currency. By popularizing their own currency, they effectively boost their own personal brand, and increase demand for the products and services that they sell.

Another factor to consider is that Millennials are much more concerned with being perceived as supporting social causes in their consumer decisions.

MyCurrency can appeal to this side of them because it would support small businesses, indie brands and other perceived underdogs which struggle against their larger competitors, and at the same time, boost local peer-to-peer trade, both of which are trending social causes for this generation.

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