MyCurrency would get your customers lining up to SUBSCRIBE to your services

MyCurrency lets businesses create a new type of service:

A subscription that is convertible to trade-able loyalty points.

Why this is valuable to a customer:

A customer might want to purchase an annual subscription, but they are concerned that half way into their annual subscription, they may end up not needing the service, and will be paying for something they don’t use for half the year.

This new type of subscription changes that though: now customers know that if they end up not needing the subscription, they can redeem it for the store’s loyalty points, and those loyalty points can be exchanged with someone else who wants the subscription.

In other words, this gives stores a way to make their subscriptions trade-able.

Let’s give an example:

A customer decides to buy an annual gym membership. 6 months into their subscription, they find out they’re moving to a new city, and no longer need the subscription. They simply redeem their membership for 6 gym membership points.

Another customer wants to buy an annual gym membership. They open the MyCurrency app, and offer to buy Customer 1’s gym membership points.

They then buy 6 more gym membership points from the gym, in order to get the 12 needed for an annual membership. Voila, they have their membership, at half the cost, while the first customer only paid for the portion of the annual membership that they used.

By giving your business its own currency, in the form of a trade-able loyalty point issued through the MyCurrency app, you can offer your products/services in innovative new ways that make them more appealing to potential customers, and thereby expand your customer base and business revenue.

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