Social Media Influencers, Show Business Personalities and MyCurrency

Are you a social media influencer? Create your own currency and get it trending! Give it to your most loyal followers and fans, see it grow into a currency that is sought after worldwide.

It’s no surprise that social media influencers get a lot of free PR packages sent to them - more than they can use or keep - companies get a lot of sales from their social media promotions. 

Because of how much free merchandise they receive, they give a lot of these packages away to their subscribers. One common campaign run by social media influencers is to reward subscribers with free packages if they promote their videos and get other people to subscribe or follow the influencer.

But when you are just starting out in the social media influencer industry, with no one sending you free PR packages or just a few that you want to keep yourself, what could you give away to attract new subscribers to follow you, or to encourage those who’ve already subscribed to not unsubscribe?

This is where the MyCurrency App can work for you. Through the app, you can create your own currency, and make it exchangeable for merchandise, meet and greet passes, or one on one online meetings with fans. You can then use this personal currency you created as a give away prize. 

Even traditional television media personalities have turned to social media nowadays as a way to promote their talents, their shows and the personal causes that they support. In many cases this has made local celebrities famous worldwide, and resulted in the number of people following them on social media ballooning. With a wider audience, their personal causes are given the attention they deserve. 

With MyCurrency, they can create their own currency, backed by their own merchandise and
“Talent”. Imagine a one on one online concert with your favorite singer. Or maybe an acting workshop by your favorite actress. For fans of these celebrities, this would be a precious currency that they probably want to hold, which would push up its value. Fans can also trade these currencies for other celebrities’ currencies or even speculate on them, in the hopes that their value goes up and they sell them for cash. With price appreciation, celebrities could demand more fan marketing in exchange for a given number of points.

MyCurrency is made with every industry in mind. Show Business and Social Media Advertising are definitely included. With both the personalities and the fans benefitting from it. Try MyCurrency now and get your valuable currency trending!